Ivanti Premier Partners provide complementary technology integrations for the Ivanti product portfolio. Together, we provide solutions to help you tackle your most pressing issues and gain maximum value from your investments in Ivanti. MarXtar is proud to be one of the first Ivanti Premier Partners in the United Kingdom.


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User Endpoint Management

Endpoint Manager (EPM)

Ivanti Endpoint Manager, helps IT administrators gather detailed device data, automate software and OS Deployment, and fix user issues quickly. 

Ivanti Endpoint Manager increases user and IT productivity. It empowers administrators to automate provisioning and software deployments, remotely control and fix user issues quickly, and discover devices and software assets.

User Workspace Manager

Ivanti User Workspace Manager, is a workspace management solution that helps you simplify desktop deployment and administration, reduce IT costs, and secure endpoints. 

UWM consists of Application Control, Environment Manager, Performance Manager, File Director, and Insight (Reporting & Analytics). Solutions are available individually as well. 

User Workspace Manager secures, manages, and streamlines Windows-based environments to give users a great computing experience.

Endpoint Security

Patch (also for SCCM)
Ivanti Patch solutions can discover, assess, and remediate thousands of Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, and Linux systems and hundreds of third-party apps based on polices you define and without saturating your network or disrupting user productivity. 

Ivanti Patch solutions deliver software updates and help ensure patch compliance across the enterprise.

Application Control (also for SCCM)

Application Control, combines dynamic whitelisting and privilege management to help prevent malicious code execution without making IT manage extensive lists manually and without constraining user behaviour. 

Control applications and user privileges efficiently across your desktop and server environments.

Device Control 

Ivanti Device Control,  enforces security polices on removable devices such as flash drives and provides data encryption. The solution provides central management using a whitelist/”default deny” approach, and provides an additional layer of protection against malware introduced via physical means.

Removable devices provide common data leakage routes, Ivanti Device Control enables secure use of productivity-enhancing tools while limiting the potential for business impact. 

Endpoint Security (also for Endpoint Manager)

Ivanti Endpoint Security, provides in-depth protection against targeted threats. Automate discovery, inventory, and patch management; prevent malware from running or spreading; and enable remote control and remediation of infected systems. Gain greater visibly and control with an end to end approach.

Gain a single multi-layered solution to detect and prevent threats before they impact you and respond swiftly to vulnerabilities and incidents.

Reporting & Analytics


Ivanti Xtraction is a self-service, real-time reporting and dashboard solution that helps you meet your IT business intelligence needs with less effort. Merge your vendor tools data – including Ivanti tools – in one place. Power your IT decisions based on real-time, comprehensive views of your IT environment. 

Gain connectors that are pre-built for Ivanti tools and other common applications – ITSM, ITAM, operation security, endpoint management, and relational databases. Monitor, explore, and share critical information in real time. 

Insight (UWM)

Ivanti Insight helps IT identify desktop issues before they become serious problems. It tracks critical KPIs like log on times, user profile size and application, CPU, and memory usage, so IT can make informed decisions that optimize desktop environments and reduce desktop management costs.

Gain visibility into what your users experience every day, and why. Determine what is needed to deliver a responsive, flexible desktop experience from any device. 

IT Asset Management

Ivanti Asset Manager for Endpoints

Asset Manager for Endpoints is designed to manage an asset through its entire lifecycle – from purchase through allocation, usage, and eventually disposal. 

Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients

Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients is a software asset management (SAM) solution that delivers clarity on what software you have and how it’s being used. With it, you can discover and inventory IT assets, aggregate vendor data, and monitor software usage. Plus, gain a broad view of how users interact with software applications to ensure compliance while reducing license overspending.

Ivanti License Optimizer for Servers

Ivanti License Optimizer for Servers takes software asset management (SAM) into the data center. It navigates though layers of virtual and clustered servers, enabling it to identify and manage assets on-premises and in hybrid cloud environments, including VMware. The solution automates data center discovery, reducing the risk of human error inherent in manual scripts. 

IT Service Management

Service Manager

Ivanti Service Manager helps enterprises meet today’s business and user demands for modern service delivery. Service Manager’s workflow automation, combined with its cloud-based or on-premise deployment options, enables IT to quickly deploy and configure a world-class service management solution and increase customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of modern, proven service management capabilities to improve IT service delivery inside IT and with other areas of the business.

Service Manager comes in different tiers to best suit your environment. 

Identity & Access Management

Identity Director

Ivanti Identity Director provides a role and attribute-based approach to identity and access with automated provisioning, workflows. Workers are provided with access levels based on their identity. They stay productive while the business remains secure. 

More than just role-based identity management, Identity Director allows IT to employ individual attributes to automate business policy enforcement for access control while workers remain productive. 


Automation streamlines the management of complex hybrid environments by automating entitilements, infrastructure, cloud, and business processes required to support and deliver IT services to the business. Transform manual and laborious tasks into automated workflows that are all maintained in a single, easily navigated repository where they can be found readily by anyone who needs them. 

Transform manual tasks into automated workflows that are all maintained in a single, easily navigated repository. Support large, complex enterprise environments without generating overhead. See an audit trail of who did what to which system. 

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