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MarXtar Consulting

As an Ivanti One Certified Partner, MarXtar provides full service consulting for Ivanti mainline products. Our engineers bring decades of “in the trenches”  IT experience to enhance your environment.  As the Ivanti Solutions get bigger and our reliance on them grows you need a team that can guide you down the right path, roll up their sleeves and no matter how big or small, get the job done.


Ivanti Training

As the Ivanti Solutions get bigger and our reliance on them grows, standard training doesn’t cover all modules or go to detailed depths. With our ‘Do 2 Understand’ range of training, you and your team can get the knowledge they need with the breadth and depth that best suits your business. 

MarXtar is highly focused on enabling your and your team to get the most out of your Ivanti LEARNING. The options listed are a just a taste of the kinds of content that we can deliver. 

Provided onsite by experienced Ivanti consultants/trainers, we ensure the best value for your time.

Ivanti Data Analytics
Deep Dive

OS Deployment to
Provisioning Migration

Onsite 'Hosted'

One of the highest rated Ivanti modules while simultaneously being one of the least understood.

Like Batman’s utility belt, Ivanti Data Analytics contains a bewildering array of tools and technologies to solve an equally wide range of challenges. One of the biggest problems with Data Analytics is that when faced with a shark many don’t realise that Bat Shark Repellent is close at hand. Worse still, not knowing the contents of your utility belt means that chances to improve the business aren’t identified simply because the capability isn’t known or understood.

Holy Missed Opportunities Batman!

This Deep-Dive avoids the sharks and works to give hands-on experience of a range of Data Analytics topics so that the knowledge and experience is already there when you need it.

The Ivanti OS Deployment (OSD) module has been around for a very long time now (v6.62 to be exact) and has been showing its age for some time now.

OS Provisioning was introduced a number of years ago to replace this, but as is often the case, the mentality of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” has meant it continues to be used in many places to this day.

Ivanti 9.6 was the final nail in the coffin for OSD, and while we will be sorry to see it go, we recognise that OS Provisioning is the future.

To help those that need it, we have developed this ‘Do 2 Understand’ course for those that need to migrate their existing methods, or just for those that need to learn fast.

One will actually migrate your mechanism, while the other teaches through hands-on.

With our unique training we can deliver pretty much anything you need whether it be a full onsite Ivanti Boot Camp, one of our ‘Do2 Understand’ courses, Service Desk, Management Suite or any other content variations you need.

This was YOUR investment in Ivanti and at MarXtar we structure what we deliver to YOUR needs rather than just a standard course schedule.

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