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"Tell Me & I Forget. Teach Me & I Remember. Involve Me & I Learn"

-Benjamin Franklin

MarXtar LifeCoach is far More than Training or Support

No single training course can create an expert overnight. It takes time, and more importantly experience to truly be an IT expert.  MarXtar LifeCoach helps guide your business and team towards an expert level through constant access to the MarXtar team of expert consultants. Learning is continuous and builds upon business need without relying on potentially costly trial and error approaches.  Knowledge is always available and survives changes in personnel.

What is MarXtar LifeCoach

In a world where IT demands are growing but IT personnel levels are static or declining, the time required to naturally attain an Expert level just isn’t available. Building the skills necessary to take full advantage of a significant IT investment could be virtually impossible without some way to accelerate the process.
MarXtar LifeCoach puts decades of  experience from an International partner at your disposal. Every MarXtar LifeCoach customer receives access to one or more of our Named, Experienced Consultants that work with your business to grow  knowledge in your solutions to the point where your administrators can be considered Expert.

With MarXtar LifeCoach you get: 

  • Named Expert
  • Solution Maturity Guidance
  • Flexible Hours Based Consulting
  • Accelerate Investment Returns

What Could a LifeCoach Give You?

Pre-Assigned LifeCoach Onsite Visits
Regular onsite presence from your named LifeCoach to work with you on forward planning for projects and greater use of your IT investment. Creating proactive planning rather than reactive support. 

Micro-Consulting Units (MCUs)
Need help for a couple of hours but it doesn’t make sense to get someone in for a full day? MCUs are the core of LifeCoach and give the flexibility you need at the time you need it. Time can be called off in units of one hour or converted for use as Onsite days as needed for ad-hoc support or to support major project rollouts of whatever type without individual project scoping and engagement purchase.

MarXtar Solution Support or MarXtar Customer Support Champion
Your named LifeCoach and the MarXtar team can compliment standard IT support; assisting with faster diagnosis, rapid identification of workarounds to keep you working, and escalation within support tiers. We can also be your support desk.

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