Round Trip Communication is Required for Mature Service Management

What is Enterprise Notifier

Enterprise Notifier rapidly notifies your Service Subscribers of reported or upcoming works and service outages to improve the perception of your department and to avoid heavy loads on the desk at the time when you need all-hands-on-deck. We live in a world where communication is taken for granted, yet the methods of communication we use for some of our most vital services have barely changed in two decades. When our Service Desk needs to communicate, all too often we rely on email or a banner on our Self-Service page; but our customers are overwhelmed with emails and by the time they see something on the Self-Service page they have already been impacted. Besides, how do we tell people email is down if we can’t email them?

It’s time to do things a better way.

With a powerful API, Service Desk Integration points allow for messages to be triggered by Service Desks including (but not limited to) Ivanti Service Desk and Ivanti Service Management. Dynamic actions allow for end-user responses to be interactive, such as Change Management Board approvals without having to access the full-service desk console. The result simplifies the process and encourages greater participation. Designed so that those that need to communicate can do so without the need to understand everything behind the scenes; Enterprise Notifier is not just a tool for I.T. it is a solution for the whole Enterprise.

How Does It Work

Using the Enterprise Notifier HTML5 interface or powerful web service API allows for maximum flexibility.

Machine and User based targeting is available to notify the right people or groups with ease even supporting multi-user systems and time zone aware operation.

Built upon the powerful and proven architecture of State Management, Enterprise Notifier gives you unparalleled levels of interaction with a clear and reportable audit trail.

Who Does It Benefit

MarXtar’s multi-tiered approach enables Enterprise Notifier to benefit everyone including (but not limited to):

Service Desk

  • Notify support team of Severity 1 or Major Incidents
  • Notify support managers of VIP logged incident
Supporting Company Departments

  • Facilities Management/Finance/HR/ Sales
  • Schedule reoccurring tasks for groups of employees
  • Link directly to web pages for benefits enrollment, signup pages
  • Conduct surveys and provide results
System Administrators

  • Notify of company-wide outages and communicate estimated restore times.

Sample Enterprise Notifier Use Cases

Major Incident

  • Analyst or Customer Based Notification of Major Incidents
  • Keep Service Subscribers Informed of Progress
  • Reduce Service Desk Load from Incoming Calls

Heightened Incident

  • Notify Analysts of VIP Requests
  • Severity or Category 1 Incidents

Inform Service Subscribers

Audited & Actionable Messages

Powerful ITSM Integration

Extensive Process Integration for Service Desk and Other Systems

  • Dynamic Message Templates Called by API
  • Change Approval Process (Approve/Reject/Abstain)
  • Line Manager Approvals
  • Audited Communication at Each Process Stage
  • Pass Information Back into Originating System

Emergency Notifications within Seconds

  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Intruder Campus/Building Lock-down Warnings
  • Critical Service Outages

Critical Notifications

Web-Based Console for All Departments

Corporate Communication Without Email Reliance

  • Facilities Maintenance Updates
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Expense Reminders
  • Event Notifications (i.e. blood drive, department party, retirement, or donation drive)

End User Feedback 

  • Pending On-boarding Tasks
  • Emergency Terminations
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Company Surveys

Gain User Feedback

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