"To Plan for Our Future
We Need the Knowledge of Our Present
Given Context by Our Past"

What Is State Management

MarXtar State Management is a powerful knowledge-based configuration management solution that delivers both real-time and historical insight into the availability and the usage of your environment. The availability of every system, the state of every user session, the active processes and the changes associated are all combined to give unparalleled insight into the operation of your business. With State Management, planning is more effective and the ability to react correctly dramatically improved. State Management steps beyond just Knowledge into Control so that Configuration Management is enabled even as far as controlling when your systems are available online.

How Does It Work

State Management operates either Stand-Alone or in conjunction with your existing Ivanti Systems & Security or Microsoft SCCM solutions. Real-time detection of system state is fed back to build a clear picture of your environment at any point in time both present and past.

As a knowledge-based system, our presence across your estate enables control over system availability either independently or as a mechanism to enhance the reach and the success rates of your existing management solutions.

Who Does It Benefit

MarXtar’s multi-tiered approach enables State Management to benefit everyone including (but not limited to):

First-Level Service Operators

  • Simplified Access to Support Tools
  • Visibility of Where Users Are and if Available
  • Notification of System Availability and User Presence

System Administrators

  • Enhance Planning for Environment-Wide Updates
  • Understand Usage Levels of Expensive Assets
  • Powerful Configuration Management Policy Engine
  • Wake Device for Out-of-Hours Maintenance

License Managers

Understand Devices, User Launch and Concurrency of business applications

Sample State Management Use Cases

Hot-Desking and Shared System Efficiency

  • Understand Usage of Shared System Resources
  • Don’t Purchase Unnecessarily – Reallocate Assets Instead
  • Identify Available Hot Desk System

Understand Current and Historical States

  • Plan for System Outages
  • Identify Power Wastage
  • Identify Under Used Hardware Assets

Integrated Drill-Down

  • Ivanti Endpoint Management or Microsoft SCCM Query & Collection Integration
  • Built-In Filtering for Enterprise Level or Detailed Level Viewing

Real-Time & Historical Knowledge

Live Alerting & Support

Alert On Device and User Session State

  • Notifications to Operators, Groups or Email
  • Understand When Devices Become Available
  • Faster Response to Customers
  • Reduce Contact Attempts

Simplified Access To Support Tools (Ivanti Shown)

  • Increase First Call Resolution
  • No Need for Complex or Cumbersome Consoles

One-To-One Software Distribution

  • Control List of Pre-Configured Tasks
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Securely Empower First-Level Operators

Compare Across Time Periods

  • Analysis of Policy Impact
  • Usage Trend Reporting
  • Plan Against Usage Peaks or Lows

Understand Periods of Low Usage

  • Match Work-Time Updates to Periods of Low User Activity

Retain Configuration Management Ability

  • Keep the ability to maintain systems out-of-hours even if Power Management policies are implemented

Power Efficiency

Licensing & Thin Client Usage

Understand Actual Usage of Applications

  • Full Historical Trending
  • Knowledge of User & Device Based

Assess Licensing Impacts

  • Device & User Based Usages
  • Installation Based & Concurrent Usage

Thin Client & VDI Aware

  • Analysis of Usage on Shared Application Servers
  • Non-Persistent VDI Support


Accurately Enable Wake-On-Wan & Scheduled Wake Up

  • Stand-alone Plus Ivanti Endpoint Management & Microsoft SCCM Support

Powerful & Flexible Policy Engine

  • Perfect for Configuration Management Maintenance Windows

Self-Maintaining Dynamic Architecture

  • No Administrative Overheads or Infrastructure Dependencies
  • Subnet Representative Keep-Alive to Maintain Coverage

Graphical Visibility of Network Availability

  • Identify Inaccessible Networks
  • Realistic Coverage Expectations

Real-Time & Historical Knowledge

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