Watch Out For Silos & Don’t Eat The Elephant

By Mark McGinn / September 27, 2019 Mark McGinn reports on the recent itSMF UK SMtech Forum on Asset Management. MarXtar were privileged to sponsor and host itSMF and their SMtech forum on Asset Management at The Good Hotel in London on 24th September. These one-day, free events from itSMF are a great way of learning more about approaches

Interchange Unplugged Events Sponsored by MarXtar: A Complete Tourist Guide

By Mark McGinn August 2019 First published at MarXtar has been an Ivanti One certified partner for some time now, and as such, we are regular exhibitors at all the fantastic Ivanti Interchange events. You may have seen us at Interchange in both Nashville and Madrid earlier this year. Interchange is an amazing chance for IT professionals to come together for networking,

The Man Behind MarXtar (by the Woman Behind The Man)

By Beth McGinn, August 2019 When Mark & I got married in 1999 we bravely embarked on a mixed marriage between techie and non-techie. Like most new relationships, in the beginning I started off by showing interest in Marks passion for technology but who was I kidding!! Mark is very tech savvy and really knows

Natural Intelligence Before Artificial Intelligence

By Mark McGinn Managing Director, MarXtar June 2019 Automation: It Means “No Worries” We live in an automated world that we take for granted. Almost everything we buy or consume comes to us at the end of powerful and automated processes, the existence of which barely even registers with us because it is embedded so

Girl, You’ll Be a Woman (In IT) Soon

By Diane Holden/ April 2019 Blog first published on I’ve never thought of myself as being unusual being a woman in IT; it has been a passion since I was young and my natural choice for a career. I was always lucky growing up. We didn’t have much, but we did get a secondhand Commodore

Communication – Helping IT Close the Gap with Business

By Lorraine Joseph/ February 2019 Blog first published on Until now, my background consisted of marketing mainly for business to customer (B2C) propositions. I’ve worked at a Zoo, for a renowned spa chain, and a retirement village, all very eclectic and interesting companies, all with their own languages and acronyms and terms, but pretty

MarXtar at Ivanti Interchange in Madrid

We are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Ivanti Interchange at the Madrid Auditorium from 11th-14th March 2019. With the opportunity to hear some amazing key note speakers, take part in some technical workshops and come and have a chat with our experienced MarXtar team. We very much look forward to

Communication – What They Don’t Know CAN Hurt IT

By Mark McGinn / December 12, 2018 Blog first published on As the Managing Director of an IT company, travel and meetings form a big part of my role and a few years ago I was experiencing serious issues with our mobile network provider. When in London, whenever 9am came I simply wouldn’t be

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