Our inboxes are filing more and more with email, and important communications can become lost or severely delayed in their reading. Even when read, the user is often required to log into a different interface to perform whatever action is required of them further increasing delays and frustrations. 

With Enterprise Notifier, important and time-critical communications can be delivered via an independent and fully auditable mechanism

Dynamic messages allow for templates to become unique messages based on the contents of your Service Desk or other originating system

Actionable Buttons require acknowledgment or even an decision that itself can initiate an action based on the end users’ choices

Even the most gifted of us can only keep track of a small number of things at the same time, yet everyday we are expected to make plans for supporting and maintaining our environments based on little more than an assumption of how it behaves.

With State knowledge we move from ‘Assumption-Based’ to “Knowledge-Based’ decision making.  

When combined with the ability to actually control what is happening at any time too, including if our systems are actually online, then we have truly achieved State Management

As part of State Management. One drawback of today’s more environmentally aware vendors and users is that our devices save more power by going to sleep or switching off. For those trying to keep ahead of the malware creators this increases the difficulty of getting full coverage with the patches needed to protect against exploits.

How can we patch overnight without leaving devices online?

MarXtar extends Wake-On-LAN functionality beyond the confines of the local subnet by leveraging automatically selected and maintained representatives across the network. Wake-On-LAN (WoL) becomes Wake-On-WAN (WoW) dramatically increasing the reliability of your out-of-hours maintenance schedules.


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